Remembering the Fallen






Lest we forget their story

In carrying out the research into the fallen of the two world wars in 2007 it became very apparent that we have already lost a lot of the memories about those who died. It has been decided that we will keep this part of the project open and continue to collect all information we can about them. Much of the research to date has been web based with some exploration of the records in the National Archive.



We have already received some human intelligence and want to expand the search in that direction, because that is where the full story lies.



This updated website has already produced links and some very useful information about Samuel Evans, Charles Tilly and Alexander Hawkridge and we have been able to provide information about another individual that his family did not know about.



Can you help, do you know anything about the individuals below, do you photographs of them, do you know some one who knows of them ? If so please contact us via the email form




Snape   1914-1918




Harold Binks

13 th Bn Yorkshire Regiment

23 April 1918

George Burkett

8th Bn  Australian Infantry

1 September 1916

Thomas Burkett

10th Bn Yorkshire Regiment

19 September 1916

John William Cameron

1 /4 Bn East Yorkshire Regiment

23 April 1917

John Clark

9th Bn West Yorkshire Regiment

22 May 1918

Fred Dumville

6th Bn South Staffordshire Regiment

1 February 1919

Samuel Evans

6th Bn Somerset Light Infantry

18 August 1916

Frederick George Hare

Machine Gun Corps

28 April 1935

Alec Hawkridge

Royal Navy, HMS Vanguard

9 July 1917

Roland Hill

2 Bn South Staffordshire Regiment

28 April 1917

Jack Johnson

7 Bn Yorkshire Regiment

8 August 1915

Josias Oyston

8 Bn Yorkshire Regiment

31 August 1916

Joseph Shaw

Machine Gun Corps

3 November 1918

John Spedding

2 /4 Bn Gloucestershire Regiment

27 August 1917

Harold Steel MM

9 Bn Yorkshire Regiment

7 September 1918

Charles Wynn Tilly

15/17 Bn West Yorkshire Regiment

14 April 1918

Septimus Nicholson

South Wales Borderers


William Kipling

Durham Light Infantry





Well   1914 - 1918






Henry Calvert

2 /4 Bn York and Lancaster Regiment

13 September 1918

Mark Roper

6 Bn Durham Light Infantry

5 November 1916

Harold Scurrah


24 September 1914

Eric  Watson

1/6 Bn West Yorkshire Regiment

23 November 1916

Robert Wintersgill

7 Bn Yorkshire Regiment

27 December 1917

Joseph Wintersgill


4 April 1918




Snape 1939 -1945






Norman Craddock

3Bn Coldstream Guards

27 September 1943

Norman Horsefield


27 May 1940

Elizabeth (Bessie) Metcalf

Women’s Royal Air Force

13 November 1944

Hugh Metcalfe

Royal Air Force

21 November 1944

Frederick Neill

Royal Air Force

12 April 1940

Thomas Oyston

6Bn Green Howards

29March 1942




Well 1939 – 1945






Robert Dunning

1 Bn Coldstream Guards

1 June 1940